Another Winter Upon Us

Winter in Wisconsin is upon us again and I am ready!
The most important part of getting through winter is having all your ducks in a row. My preparing starts in fall before the snow flies.

Being prepared got use through last winter’s polar vortex with lots of straw, bucket heaters, extension cords and a milk house heater.

For me late October is when I start and that starts with the ducks and chickens themselves. First by adding cracked corn and scratch grains into their diet giving them a little extra fat insulation to keep warm. Second by giving everyone a health check, feet, feathers, bills and combs, making sure to send them into winter as healthy as possible and having time to deal with any issues I may find.

Happy Healthy feet

Then I start going down the check list:

Getting out bucket heaters and extension cords making sure they are in safe working order and replacing if needed. Snowblower checked out and ready, yes I have a snowblower for my run. Snow shovels out. Pond emptied and covered.

The ducks favorite part STRAW!! Stocking up, filling the feed shed full to get us through the whole winter! I do not want to be caught in the middle of winter or another polar vortex stretch without warm cozy straw.

Staying warm

Many others have the job of getting their coops ready but this is the first winter we don’t have to winterize with plywood and plastic. Yay! We built a new coop in spring using all the experiences and struggles learned in past to withstand any Wisconsin winter weather, keeping everybirdy warm and cozy.

Lastly, when the below freezing temperatures hit, hoses and kiddie pools get emptied and put away, only to come out on warmer sunny days or above freezing.

Winter is beautiful but trying. When the temperatures drop and the snow flies, everyday life begins to revolve around it. Being ready and having back up plans makes it easier to enjoy it’s beauty.

What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness. -John Steinbeck

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