I arrive home from work in the afternoon and see the Ducks already free ranging next to the house. A couple grazing on grass, a few taking a snooze under the picnic table and one standing on the deck in front of the patio door staring in waiting for hand outs. With a surprise tone I thanked my husband for letting them out. “Well I didn’t have a choice!” He says. “They saw me in the house and they lined up along the gate and screamed until I let them out.”

When I’m home they’re usually free to roam the yard but sometimes that is not the story and that’s when we become stealthy through the house. Avoiding being seen in the patio doors that face their run, like a scene from Mission Impossible, I can hear the song playing in my head. “Get away from the window!” Or “Don’t open the patio door the’ll hear it.” I’ve said to my husband. Sometimes when I get home I just need a minute or two in the house before I let the Ducks out but they know my car so it’s “MOM’S HOME! LET US OUT”! When they’re free ranging and I’ve been in the house too long the Ducks come looking for me or they have decide they want treats so they hop the two step of the deck, waddle up to the patio doors and I hear a tapping as their bills touch the glass and they begin echoing demanding quacks off the glass. If I ignore them they head for the front door. Hop the porch and try again.

We know you’re in there

Eventually my husband or I cave. Their cuteness wins us over and they get whatever they want and we reinforce bad habits but who wouldn’t want an adorable flock of ducks begging on their door step. And Don’t leave the doors open! They know were the kitchen is.

Trying the other Door

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