To say I love my ducks is the understatement of a lifetime. They have completely taken over my life and thoughts.  

The second I put them to bed in their coop, say my good night I love yous, I can’t wait to see their happy quacking at sunrise. The best part of my day is the coop door opening and thee excitement of a new day and breakfast! 

The second I walked in the door from work I check on them, listen to their stories of the day in an eruption of loud quacking and calls as if trying to outdo each other. Then I go into the house open the vegetable drawer in the fridge labeled “Duck treats” and begin chopping lettuce,  defrosting peas (their favorite treat) and make them a delicious dinner salad as they watch at the patio doors with a few impatient quacks. 

Every grocery store visit is not complete without picking up fresh veggies, peas and other treats for them.

I am always fussing over their coop cleanliness and design. Driving my husband nuts with changes. 

 I’m sure they wonder what my obsession is with their feet and checking them regularly to stay a head of any bumble foot or frostbite issues.

My sunrises & sets around my ducks daily routine and meeting all of their needs, wants and desires.

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