I Love Mornings in the Country

6:30am the sun is just starting to make an appearance. In my Pajamas I slip into my usual morning hobby farm attire, bathrobe, Muck boots, hat and gloves. I step outside and off the porch and feel a light rain against my face. Oh goody! The coop door automatically opens and I’m running a little behind so I am greeted by 10 hungry ducks at the gate. As I fill water buckets I get the stare down and few Screeching yells from Daphne to hurry the hell up.

My Sassy Daphne

Soon they’re feasting on morning treats of mealworms and scratch grains but the excitement of the yesterday’s warm up continues into today and now with the rain they can’t even finish breakfast and their excitement explodes into running around like crazy with no directions with wings flapping and chattering quacks and calls. Running from puddle to puddle, bucket to bucket dunking and splashing their heads in. If you’ve never heard the sound of webbed feet on a hard wet surface it’s a freaking adorable sound! They have no idea what they’re doing it’s just pure excitement. It’s hilarious! I stand in my feed shed out of the rain laughing at these goofy birds wishing I could be that excited in the morning to start my day. With the sun still rising and the ducks excitement I worry about predators lurking. Learning our routine or hearing the commotion and thinking it’s an easy meal. I usually hang out for 20- 30 minutes with a watchful eye up in the trees and sky. Glancing over the open pastures and into the thickness of tree lines that separate multiple pastures. I walk the perimeter of their run letting my scent and sounds send a warning and scare off any lurking predators. When I’m content with my inspection, I head back to the house stopping on the way to fill the peanut tray for the bluejays. Back inside, I settled in under my blanket on the couch, fresh cup of coffee in hand. Through the two sides by side patio doors in my living room I watch the chickens and ducks search for bugs in the grass and the bluejays hammer and peck their way through peanut shells. God I love my mornings in the country.

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