It’s the day after Thanksgiving and It reached almost 50 degrees today. I left work a little early to come home and fill the duck pools and clean up thawed poop and straw that’s been building up outside the coop in the run area for the last couple of weeks. I know It’s a glamorous life I have as a duck mom & maid.
I opened the gate and they made a mad dash to the two big pine trees near the house to rummage underneath. I tried to call them back as the pools filled but they just weren’t listening through the rustling of the leaf pile they were in. The pools have been empty for a week or two because it’s been below freezing so it took a little of me splashing the water with my hand to get them to realize the pools were full. Soon they were all crammed in. Splashing, jumping in and out, running in circles around the pool with excitement. Working hard at getting as much water out and as much mud in as they could. Ducks in water is hours of entertainment.
Today’s warm up also brought on the urge to stay up late. Like a fear that if they go to bed they will wake up to cold temps again so if they just stay awake all night it won’t come. Harley Quinn my newest girl, was enjoying the unfrozen pool with a late night swim before it turns into a frozen block. With a few back and forth past the coop door, I out stretch my arms and one last “c’mon girls, bedtime” they finally single filed their way in. Minutes later on the coop camera with heads tucked they were fast asleep.
Finally! Time for a glass of wine for me.

Quinns first experience with a frozen pool

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